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Focus on core business / increasing value-added
Purchasing medical products
We pass savings on material costs on to you
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Strategic purchasing / logistics management
We can develop of sustainable purchasing/logistics strategy for you
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Direct purchasing from Asia
We purchase directly from the manufacturer on your behalf
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Smart IT solutions
We make working processes simpler for you
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A strong, reliable partner
Our close partnerships with highly reputable companies, which are all specialists in their field, mean that you can focus all your attention on your core business activities and increase the value added by your company.
To run our logistics in Switzerland, we use the state-of-the-art warehouse for medical products in Villmergen managed by Swiss Post. It is certified according to the ISO 9001/14001 Standard as well as having Swissmedic certification. Furthermore, the warehouse in Villmergen is both GMP and GDP-certified. Other advantages offered by Swiss Post include storage of medicinal products in compliance with the law for all the relevant classes of hazardous substances, as well as batch and expiry date management. This intricately organised transport network run by Swiss Post facilitates fast delivery across Switzerland. Deliveries can be organised into time windows to integrate them with each hospital’s operations and workloads, even allowing for priority “Tagexpress” delivery, and night-time delivery with “Innight”.
Working with Lufthansa Industry Solutions, we are able to offer smart IT solutions for our customers in the health and hospitals sectors. With over 20 years of IT expertise spanning various different sectors within this Lufthansa subsidiary, and with interdisciplinary teams at 14 locations worldwide, Lufthansa Industry Solutions can offer a full range of IT services. In 2020, the company was ranked amongst the best IT service providers in Germany.
Pagero offers digital solutions for request and ordering systems in hospitals, care facilities and medical practices. The aim is to enable simple and effective inventory management in the context of operational processes with the help of intelligent technologies. Over 3 million transactions (orders) were processed via Pagero in 2021.
miralytik healthcare consulting provides consulting services to clinics and hospital in the field of medicine and material cost controlling. The company has developed its own software tool to this end, allowing for a coupling of purchasing and medicinal controlling, even operating on the basis of DRG. miralytik can draw on many years of experience from working with clinics and hospitals, as well as experience from other economic sectors. Their software solutions are continually being refined on the basis of the current challenges facing the health services.
aifinyo is a publicly-listed financial services provider, offering liquidity solutions, and similar services, that are perfectly balanced with goods and project financing solutions, all from one provider. The core objective of aifinyo is to offer smart and digital solutions.
Focusing on what is essential
Appropriate purchasing and logistics strategy

ChiruTec will work with you to develop sustainable purchasing and logistics strategies.

Extensive experience

We have over 25 years’ experience in the health sector.

High levels of quality & safety

Consistently economical pricing with very high levels of supply reliability (> 98 %).

Comprehensive solutions

We offer you solutions based around the product.

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