Strategic purchasing / logistics management

Working with us, you can optimise your product range and/or your logistics, and consequently increase your revenue whilst maintaining the same high quality standards. Based on our many years of experience in the healthcare sector, we can provide you with strategies for quickly and easily achieving potential cost reductions without the need to accept any loss of quality.

The ever-increasing proportion of material costs in hospitals and clinics has led to an increasing pressure to succeed in purchasing. To this day, however, there are hardly any tools for measuring success in purchasing. Furthermore, due to a lack of resources and transparency in material cost controlling, it becomes very difficult to identify relevant products/product groups. By applying intelligent software solutions, we can analyse your product groups, amongst other aspects, taking into account DRG revenue. This provides you with a quick overview of the products used according to cost type and cost area, allowing you to concentrate on the main product groups that are barely contributing to increasing margins, or are even generating losses, due to their DRG revenue.

Our portfolio of services focuses on achieving sustainable improvements in your performance: we can help you to organise your entire logistical workflow, and advise you on all areas of your future logistical development so that you can keep your complete focus on your core tasks.
Logistics in healthcare are often still managed by clinics and hospitals themselves, which means that already-stretched resources become tied up in non-specialist tasks, negatively impacting on availability of resources for their real working tasks in the healthcare environment.
We offer customised solutions: whether a full supply down to the cabinet compartment on the ward and in the operating theatre or individual case trolley concepts as well as intelligent ramps with pre-commissioned trolleys at cost centre level, etc. - we work with you to develop a concept perfectly tailored to your individual needs.

Advantages for you

Efficiently reducing costs
Fast and effective identification of potential areas for cost reduction due to application of intelligent software solutions
Extensive experience
From experts working in the field, for experts in their field: benefit from over 20 years’ experience in the field of procurement and logistics management
Personalised solutions
Comprehensive, made-to-measure solutions from procurement to logistics
Centralised services
Project development, implementation and supervision all under one roof

It is as simple as that!


Define your product range & problems arising
Together, we can analyse your product portfolio, or create an analysis of the current state of your procurement and logistics processes.


Proposal & approval
Based on the specific issues identified, we create our practically-oriented treatment concept for you.


Implementation & application
Once the project has your approval, we immediately set about implementing the solution.
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